Belgian Waffle Maker Vs. Regular – What’s a difference?

After the holidays, my wife and I had decided that we needed to stay healthy and fit to start the new year. We both committed ourselves to lose weight, which I felt in excess during my early runs around the bay.

I thought I heard my knees creaking. We cut down on the carbs and ate more vegetables. I gave up my beer and other alcohol beverages and stuck to drinking coffee or tea. We ate less during lunch, which we both struggled in following through at first, and only prepared fruits for dinner.

Belgian Waffle Maker

But we both agreed on one thing: To keep enjoy breakfast as we always have. After all, it is the most important meal of the day. We just love our waffles too much!

We used to think all waffles are created equal; that they just vary in shape, but the disparity between regular waffles and Belgian waffles is actually more detailed than that. Not only that professional chefs in hotels or luxury ships with finicky clients can appreciate the difference between belgian waffle maker vs. regular.

I’m sure my wife and housewives all over the nation look into this with a keen eye.

Belgian waffle Maker

This is so much to me. Belgian waffle makers are designed, so it gives deeper, fuller pockets all over the product. Some consumers think that this is all a matter of aesthetic presentation.

Regular waffle makers engrave shallow scales on the surface, so in a way, it is true that Belgian waffle makers produce better-looking ones. But the main advantage of having deeper pockets is that it can hold more syrup.

This is also ideal for fresh fruits and vanilla ice cream. In our experience at home, detail makes our waffles way tastier.

In this aspect, we pick the belgian waffle maker vs. regular any time of the day… especially for breakfast! Belgian waffle makers are designed to make square waffles. Regular waffle makers are usually round.


Belgian waffle makers cook waffles thicker. Although this may very well be due to its differences in the recipe.

Pure Belgian waffles use yeast in its batter while the regular waffles consist more of baking powder.

Belgian waffles are fluffier and richer in texture. It is also lighter than a regular waffle, which has a consistency similar to a cake. However, belgian waffle maker vs. regular is designed to ensure these characteristics too, as compared to regular machines.

Specialization could spell a huge difference between a Belgian waffle maker versus regular makers. The former is designed to make them, so it is crunchy on the outside yet soft and fluffy on the inside.

This is not as important a feature for regular waffle makers.


For the purpose of achieving just the right amount of texture, timers in Belgian waffle makers are crucial.

Some make sounds remind you of the phases in preparation, but more importantly to be able to monitor the development of the waffle’s color. Some regular waffle makers may not have this alarm.

Steam stoppage

Aside from the beeping sound so one can monitor the waffle preparation, some Belgian waffle makers have this feature which stops the machine when it reaches a certain temperature.

Browning control to achieve a desired firm surface and color from very light to dark or in between, just as you like them.


Not only are Belgian waffles thicker than regular waffles, but they are also larger in size. Belgian waffle maker vs. regular ones has a bigger plate compared to regular ones designed for various types of waffle making.

Belgian waffle makers versus regular are usually taller and have deeper wells pour the batter on, compared to the regular waffle maker.

Quality in result and cooking time for the Belgian waffle maker versus regular waffle maker are a shade quicker (90 to 120 seconds) due to its specific design for a particular product. The regular waffle maker can be used for many waffle types.

Regular waffle plates make thinner waffles that are more versatile.

They also have smaller bores and may cook both round and square shapes. The traditional or older regular waffle makers may be harder to clean after using, and its plates may not be non-stick yet.


While belgian waffle maker vs. regular is specialized, regular waffle makers can be used not just for different types of waffles but for waffle cones, or even bacon and eggs on its grill.

If you are not so choosy with your waffle size, shape, or its pocket’s depth, choosing a regular waffle maker would seem a more versatile choice.

Final Verdict

Let us now come to our final waffle maker verdict. On a personal level, my wife and I choose (and have already chosen) to purchase our Belgian waffle maker. We have come to realize that we appreciate the detail in our waffle.

We want it sweet, with sufficient syrup, or cream on top, so the deep engravings are a big deal for us.

We love our food at home and we like to prepare them ourselves for a special touch to it, because that way my wife and I can share a bond, no matter how short it is scrunched within our hectic schedules at work. We like our waffles bigger and thicker.

We feel that the Belgian waffle maker does that more than we give it credit for. Most people would say that it is all because of its contents, the difference between two recipes.

But I would say, in my experience, our Belgian waffle maker always has it bigger, fuller, and larger regardless of what battery we use from the belgian waffle maker vs. regular.

Oh! Yes, we love to experiment with our cooking at home. We’ve tried both recipes out of curiosity.

In the end, it all accounts to a person’s lifestyle. Some of us prefer versatility or even convenience over specialization, and, hey, that is perfectly understandable. In a way, I wish Belgian waffle makers were designed to be more versatile than it is.

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