Best Blow Dryer For Natural Hair – Review And Guide

Last week my friend told me how she was yearning for getting an incredible blow dryer that would perfectly blow her hair dry at the best way possible. This is after having used a couple of best blow dryers for natural hair which is seemed not to yield the best results.

Are there the best blow dryers that can blow out hot air in an entirely exceptional manner than others?

Besides, the design, quality, and efficiency of best blow dryers for natural hair differ from one another in a great way! How is this possible? You will come to discover that the intensity of heat that comes from any blow dryer is utterly different from another.

best blow dryer for natural hair

Another thing? The outcome of the drying hair to blow-dry will depend on the which type of blow dryer that you will use. It is critical to ensure that you should select the best blow dryer that will not damage your natural hair.

It would also be wise to understand the nature of your natural hair; whether it is thick or fine hair. This would assist you to land in the best blow dryer for natural hair!

Who Is The Best Blow Dryer Meant For?

You will note blow dryers have become popular among many individuals who use them to undertake different blow dry. They include:

Hairstylists- They are individuals responsible for performing various hair-related tasks.

Beauty therapists- They apply different beauty techniques on the hair to make it look attractive.

Fashion designers- This product can work best for such a group of people as they try to match their cloth design with the beauty of the hair.

Expert individuals- If you understand how the best blow dryer operates, then you can perfectly use it at your home.

Novice learners- You might want to try it out for the first time. Getting the best blow dryer can work well for you!

Best Blow Dryer For Natural Hair – My Top 10 Selections

There are many types of blow dryers which you can come across on the market, right?

They are always available in different designs, shapes, and prices. There is a significant consideration for you to take into account which blow dryer will perfectly meet your needs. For instance, how frequent do you plan to use it?

What are the heating settings of the blow dryer? (to avoid damaging your hair). You should check on those factors critically. You will get the best blow dryer brands below where is included the excellent product. You will get many products but the best blow dryer on the market.

To assist you in arriving at the best conclusion, I have presented below a wonderful review of the best blow dryers for natural hair that you can come across. Go through them to get fantastic tips:

Remington AC2015 T Studio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer

Remington AC2015 T Studio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer

Price: $$$
Editor Rating:
4.9 out of 5 stars

You will come to realize that sometimes what you just need is this incredible and best blow dryer instead of opting to go to the salon.

You can do the blow dry by yourself to achieve that smooth and healthy natural hair. Interestingly, Remington AC2015T Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer has been designed to include ceramic pearl technology.

What is good about this form of inclusion in this blow dryer? It is pretty simple!

Ceramic is known to distribute heat evenly and maintain a consistent temperature. You will realize that the ceramic will be infused in patent-pending pearls which will then distribute heat over your hair and ultimately seal the cuticles once it gets dry.

This will thus help you get that smooth and silky hair at last. To boost its precision concerning performance, this best blow dryer for natural hair has an additional concentrate.

Meanwhile, the best blow dryer with diffuser has also been incorporated into it to help in enhancing the healthy nature of your natural hair. You can trust that the performance of this blow dryer is exceedingly high compared to other related ones.

For the heat settings, you will have three options to choose from whereas for the speed only two-speed controls have been adopted.

Interestingly, they are absolutely effective and efficient in facilitating faster output. Additionally, the AC Motor with 1875W will absolutely give the best outcome for you! Why not get this amazing product for your home hair styling?

 Features Included 
  • Three settings for heat/ speed
  • Efficient ionic conditioning
  • Diffuser adopted with concentrator
  • Long-lasting motor
  • Ceramic Pearl technology (patent-pending)
  • High professional quality
  • Exhibit great performance
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Efficient standard heat and speed options
  • Last for quite longer period
  • Produces sound after some time

Blows some cold hair after malfunctioning

  • Produces unpleasant smell with time

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Rusk W8less Professional Lightweight Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Rusk W8less Professional Lightweight Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Price: $$$
Editor Rating:
4.8 out of 5 stars

If you need the best blow dryer natural hair that exhibits high power yet very easy to handle (due to its light nature), then this is the best one for you to go for!

What is the reason behind its amazing performance? Apparently, you will note that it contains a motor with about 2000W boosted by an ion generator that makes it operate very fast while drying your hair.

This is something that you will even feel while you are using this amazing blow dryer. Is there the essence of such great speed? Absolutely yes!

You will realize that this highly reduces the rate at which your hair is exposed to damage. Do you know that if your hair is natural, a blow dryer with an iron will work best for you? Now you got it! What is my justification for this?

Actually, you will discover that ionic blow dryer tends to have the capability of breaking the water droplets by applying negative ions. This makes it easy to get rid of water without posting any damage (from excess heat) to your hair at all! Another thing to note is that this amazing best blow dryer for thick hair contains ceramic grill that has been integrated together with tourmaline.
What is its purpose?

Apparently, ceramic makes your hair have a soft touch through facilitating efficient distribution of heat throughout the hair whereas tourmaline helps the hair too quickly dry besides maintaining moisture.

Other features? Rusk W8less Professional Lightweight Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer comes along with settings for speed and heat (about 7 of them) together with a concentrator nozzle and power cord (8-feet size). What a great blow dryer to purchase!

 Features Included 
  • Power cord stretching 8-feet long
  • Great speed and heat settings
  • Efficient and powerful motor (2000W)
  • Effective concentrator nozzles
  • Tourmaline-backed ceramic grill
  • Very light easy to use
  • Dries hair very quickly
  • Exhibit great strength while using it
  • Quieter when using it- no noise
  • Makes the hair less frizzy
  • Appears slightly heavier to others
  • Setting adjustments can be somewhat challenging
  • Requires great caution when using it

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Professional Ionic Tourmaline Ceramic 2100 Watt – Hair Dryer

Professional Ionic Tourmaline Ceramic 2100 Watt - Hair Dryer

Price: $$$
Editor Rating:
4.8 out of 5 stars

You will have to agree with me that when it comes to speed about drying the hair, this amazing best blow dryer for natural hair is rated highly. Actually, you will note that this has been attributed to its use of ionic technology that leaves the hair completely dry within a very short period.

Do you want a time saver blow dryer? Then this is the absolute choice for you! Interestingly, there are amazing benefits that have been associated with this best dryer.

Which are some of them? First, you will be overwhelmingly surprised by how this hair blower will leave your hair once the task is completed. Professional Ionic Tourmaline Ceramic will make it have a silky appearance, a bright outlook and free from any freezing.

Isn’t that a reason worth getting this fantastic product? Another thing that will highly boost your natural hair is the presence of ceramic incorporated within this blow dryer. With the aid of tourmaline, ceramic infused within this blow dryer will highly increase the health and the good outlook of your hair.

You might be asking how is this facilitated, right? Apparently, you will come to understand that tourmaline plays an essential role in boosting the negative ions to undertake closure of cuticle layer.
This implies that your hair will remain neither unaffected nor damaged. Besides, it will also be frizz-free.

What about the cable? It is actually long enough to facilitate a free flow of air while you are using it. Don’t forget the control mechanisms available for you! Cool Drying, Hot Drying, Hot Blast, Slow Drying and Power On/Off will boost your operation with this best blow dryer!

 Features Included 
  • 9 feet long cable for air movement
  • Adjustable control mechanisms (five)
  • Great and sturdy body- long-lasting
  • Efficient ceramic technology
  • Proper use of ionic technology
  • The long cord doesn’t kink
  • Great performance and output
  • Last for long with efficiency retained
  • Light in weight and fast drying
  • No frizzing at all
  • Does not offer a perfect styling
  • Appears to be too cheap for the value
  • A little heavy compared to others

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xtava Peony 1875W Hair Dryer with Turbo JOHNSON Motor

xtava Peony 1875W Hair Dryer with Turbo JOHNSON Motor

Price: $$$
Editor Rating:
4.8 out of 5 stars

The first thing that will attract you to this best blow dryer natural hair is it is incredibly amazing and captivating designed. With the pink color showcasing its elegance and adorable quality, this might prompt you to go quickly for it, right? Besides having a classy appearance, this great blow dryer also possesses distinct qualities that make it exceptional.

At first, you will need to feel its weight once you spot it. Surprisingly, it is absolutely light in nature and the way it has been ergonomically designed makes it much easier to handle while using it.
Control mechanisms and settings are crucial factors that you should always check, right?

This amazing xtava Peony 1875W Hair Dryer has integrated 2-speed settings together with 2 heat settings. These are meant to help you perfectly regulate the heat that is emitted from the blow dryer at the best speed. Thus, your hair will always stay safe without experiencing any burn spots.

Another thing?

This best blow dryer for fine hair has taken into account the incorporation of a powerful motor. Actually, its salon-grade motor (which you will see the details indicated on it) has the capability of producing up to 1875W. The blow dryer noise is low.

This is exceedingly high power indeed! Also, you will note that this fantastic product contains a button (cool shot type); you can be locking your blow dryer in the most convenient way you want. The nozzle present will ensure the ionization process is done in the most accurate way to yield the best results. This classy product awaits you indeed!

 Features Included 
  • Absolutely light in nature
  • Mechanic control settings for heat and speed
  • Strong and powerful 1875W-motor
  • Ionic technology is highly advanced
  • Efficient locking by cool shot button
  • Amazing beauty in pink
  • Absolutely easy to hot or cool air
  • Simple to handle and operate
  • It is powerful yet lightweight
  • God suitable size to carry along
  • Produces noise after some time
  • Gives unpleasant burning smell with time
  • Doesn’t last effective for too long

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xtava Allure 2200W Professional IonicCeramic HairDryer

xtava Allure 2200W Professional IonicCeramic HairDryer

Price: $$$
Editor Rating:
4.8 out of 5 stars

A friend of mine who lives close to my home just got this amazing best blow dryer for curly hair a few days ago. She seems to be completely fascinated by the outcome that she got once she had applied blow-dry to her hair. This goes to the point that she can’t stop telling us how satisfied she is with this great hair blower.

I realized that this best blow dryer for natural hair has a unique component that you too may fall in love with it; this is precision.

You will be utterly surprised to identify that this product has a high level of accuracy which makes xtava Allure 2200W Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer – Bring the Salon to Your Home with This Powerful and Precise Blow Dryer – 2 Speeds – 3 Heat Settings perform completely well. Actually, kit has incorporated the concentration nozzle that facilitates this task and makes frizz-free and dry (80% faster!)

Besides, great power always goes hand in hand with excellent performance, right?

Apparently, this incredible blow dryer has integrated an ultra-powerful motor (AC type) with the capability of producing up to 2200W. To make it even better, the entire frame of this blow dryer is very light thus making it easy for you while working with it.

Don’t forget about the cold shot button; you will always lock your dry blower in a unique way with much ease.

What about the speed and heat controls?

You need not worry as they have been fully integrated within this blow dryer. You can always vary the speed and heat to ensure that you get best results for your natural hair. Being available at an affordable price, you can’t just miss getting this great product!

 Features Included 
  • 80% fast hair drying(ceramic technology)
  • Great speed and heat settings
  • Concentrator nozzle for precision
  • Strong and powerful motor (2200W)
  • Efficient lock (cold shot button)
  • Absolutely fast in drying natural hair
  • Really light while holding it
  • Blows hair hot and in an efficient way
  • Strong motor boosts performance
  • Great classic design
  • Cool button appears to be flimsy
  • Malfunctions with time
  • Lasts for a considerably short time

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Berta Folding Blow Dryer 1875w NegativeIon Hair Dryer

Berta Folding Blow Dryer 1875w NegativeIon Hair Dryer

Price: $$$
Editor Rating:
4.8 out of 5 stars

You might be planning to go for a vacation soon, right?

You may actually want to carry along a blow dryer that will help you make your hair dry. Which is the typical hair dryer for you in this case? Actually, none other than the Berta Folding type.

This amazing blow dryer suits that task due to its small size and space-efficient (its handle can easily be folded to fit in your luggage). You will find it easy to pack it along with other items! To boost its performance, you will realize that Berta blow dryer has adopted the dual voltage power; this Berta Folding Blow Dryer is either 125V or the 250V.

Concerning their operation, the 125V is applicable for either 2 heat or 2-speed settings whereas the 250V is used in the 1speed or 1 heat settings. Now you perfectly understand the difference, right?

Another thing to note? Yes. Body formation. You will clearly note that this best blow dryer for natural hair is light in weight thus making it easy to handle. Besides, it has also integrated a concentrator to improve its precision. In relation to the length of the cord, it stretches close to 1.8 meters. Advantage? You will always have an easy time controlling the circulation of air from the machine.

Furthermore, with the Ceramic technology applied together with Tourmaline, you will always get that shiny, silky and frizz-free hair you have always yearned. Indeed, this is a classic, elegant and fashionable blow dryer that you can’t just let it go!

 Features Included 
  • Elongated cord for easy air flow
  • Tourmaline ceramic technology
  • Lightweight construction with great power
  • Folding handle- really adjustable
  • Dual voltage power system
  • Produces no noise at all
  • Very flexible- easy to carry
  • Very handy and with great performance
  • Comes at a good portable size
  • Fast and efficient in operation
  • Concentrator knocks faster than expected
  • Appears to be heavy when carried during traveling
  • Not too quiet as expected

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Infiniti Pro 1875-Watt Salon Performance AC Motor Styling Tool

Infiniti Pro 1875-Watt Salon Performance AC Motor Styling Tool

Price: $$$
Editor Rating:
4.8 out of 5 stars

What about getting the best blow dryer that will last a lifetime before thing one getting another one? Isn’t this great about cost saving and efficiency consistently guaranteed?

Then if you want to get such kind of a product, Infiniti Pro has got you fully covered. Designed to deliver consistently excellent performance over time, the best blow dryer for natural hair goes ahead to assure you of high-quality service delivery.

A surprise for you? Actually, you will discover that this amazing blow dryer has the capability of lasting 3 times more compared to other blow dryers you might come across.

With its ionic technology boosting your natural hair in an immense way (stretching to about 75% less frizz), you are assured that the satisfaction that you desire is guaranteed! What about the concentrator installed?

Actually, you will realize how efficient it is once you to put it into practice; it performs amazingly great tasks. These include the best blow dryer with a diffuser to facilitate the development of curly and wavy hairstyles; this is done in a unique way that comes out really perfect.

I noticed that when compared to other blow dryers, this Infiniti Pro has an additional feature that others don’t possess. This is the feature that is responsible for its long life. It is actually the removable filters; you will note that they play a significant role in ensuring motor stay efficient for long by getting rid of lint that can affect motors’ performance.

This is an absolute recommendation for you!

 Features Included 
  • Removable filters boost motor performance
  • 2 Speed/ Heat settings
  • Powerful AC Motor
  • Efficient ionic technology (75% less-frizz)
  • Concentrator for styling and precision.
  • Very solid and sturdy
  • The speed and power are amazing
  • Comfortable to hold its weight (ergonomic)
  • Easy cleanup- removable filters
  • Low, quiet noise produced
  • Too strong to be well managed
  • Unpleasant smell produced after some time

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Berta 1875W Ceramic Negative Ion Blow Dryer

Berta 1875W Ceramic Negative Ion Blow Dryer

Price: $$$
Editor Rating:
4.8 out of 5 stars

This could be one of the best blow dryers for natural hair that you can think on purchasing! You could have used different models in the past only to get disappointed after a short period, right?
You need not worry since this model will give you the best satisfaction that you have always wanted. At first, the exterior formation will fascinate you. It has adopted an excellent color formation with a unique presentation of its simplicity in operation.

I have once tried to use this amazing blow dryer and I can attest to you that it is worth the value.


First, you will discover how simple you can adjust the settings and use this Berta 1875W Ceramic Negative Ion Blow Dryer without difficulties. It comes along with two-speed settings that are pretty awesome to adjust them.

Note: you should always be aware of adjusting to the speed that you can perfectly manage. On the other hand, the heat settings are three. You will discover that they are crucial and should always be adjusted properly to avoid damaging your hair.

Another interesting thing to note? If you want to pack a blow dryer while traveling, this blow dryer is the typical one that you can indeed opt for.

The natural negative ionic output offered will always give you the best hair. It is the right time to get this classy blow dryer!

 Features Included 
  • Excellent (Negative) ions for hair and healthy
  • Two speed and three heating settings
  • Long cord containing hanging loop
  • Professional AC motor
  • 1875W hairdryer
  • Easy to control settings
  • Dries hair very quickly
  • Manageable and smooth hair after use
  • Great and fast performance
  • Cost effective- value for money
  • Really heavy to use
  • Produces noise after some time
  • Unpleasant smell generated with some time

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MHD Travel Size 1000 Watts Tourmaline Ceramic Mini Hair Dryer

MHD Travel Size 1000 Watts Tourmaline Ceramic Mini Hair Dryer

Price: $$$
Editor Rating:
4.8 out of 5 stars

How about getting a simple but absolutely professional best blow dryer for natural hair?

Indeed, that can actually give the best results in the most efficient way. MHD Travel blow dryer comes in handy with great benefits that you will absolutely enjoy.

Designed with a lightweight body,  this blow dryer set offers more than just what might be expected from it. Its DC motor which lasts for a considerably longer period offers consistency in performance. Besides, you will note that this incredible blow dryer is of a portable size. What does this imply?

This clearly indicates that you can perfectly carry it along with you on your trips. To make it more convenient for you, this blow dryer has incorporated a 6-feet cord that contains a hanging loop that can enable you to carry it easily.

How efficient is the concentrate nozzle in this blow dryer?

Apparently, you will notice that such nozzles are absolutely ultra-thin (you can barely see them) but they deliver great output. Actually, they will make your hair dry pretty first, reduce almost entirely any frizz and improve on the best blow dryer for volume thus making your hair appear amazingly gorgeous.

I understand that anything that is quite easy to clean up will always save you on time, right? This best travel hair dryer contains filters that remove the entire lint that has to build up to help you have an easy time cleaning it. For super quality services, MHD Travel Size 1000 Watts Tourmaline Ceramic Mini Hair Dryer can offer you that!

 Features Included 
  • Ultra-thin nozzle for concentrator
  • Mini size cord with a convenient loop
  • Removable filter for lint cleaning
  • Strong professional DC motor
  • Lightweight body for easy handling
  • Powerful and absolutely sturdy
  • Exhibits great performance
  • Operates with no noise at all
  • Dries hair pretty fast
  • Offers value for money
  • Produces unpleasant smell with time
  • Has no low noise as expected

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Sedu Revolution Professional Hair Dryer 4000i

Sedu Revolution Professional Hair Dryer 4000i

Price: $$$
Editor Rating:
4.8 out of 5 stars

There are moments where you would actually prefer to get the most upgraded blow dryer, right?

This is because such a blow dryer will always give you the value for your money. Quality upgraded features will always mean that efficiency is paramount and satisfaction is guaranteed.

The first time I saw Sedu Revolution blow dryer, I discovered how sturdy it looks and seemed to have great added features that I had not seen n other blow dryers. You will find out that this blow dryer comes with 6 settings both for speed and temperature. This clearly states that you will have a wide range of speed and temperature options to choose from.

This blow dryer set can always help you arrive at the best one that is suitable for your hair.

What will also surprise you from this Sedu Revolution Professional Hair Dryer is its exceedingly high speed. You will be amazed at how short time your hair will take to dry; this blow dryer reduces the drying time by almost 70% to make your hair dry quickly.

When it comes to hairstyling, there is the Ion Generator switch that has been incorporated to enhance versatile styling in the best way possible.

Its 1875W motor is the stimulating factor towards its excellent performance and output. You can trust me that this is a best blow dryer for natural hair that is incomparable. Besides, it comes with a warranty that lasts for two years. Believe me, if you have this product, you absolutely got covered. Go for it!

 Features Included 
  • 6-temperature and speed setting
  • Great and powerful motor (1875W)
  • Amazing airspeed
  • A warrant covers it
  • Ion Generator switch
  • Exhibit great power and performance
  • Very sturdy and stable while using
  • Gives the value for money
  • Lighter to easily use
  • Completely effective on styling
  • Appears to be smaller than expected
  • Not too hot when drying hair

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10 Factors To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Blow Dryers For Natural Hair

Efficient Motor

Getting the best blow dryer with a motor that is working well clearly implies that you will get the best ultimate results.

There are two major types of motors that you can come across; the Alternating current (AC) motor and the Direct Current (DC) motor. It is essential for you to check on the amount of power that each of them would use and their long-lasting effect. That will help you make a good choice!

Ionic Technology

When it comes to this kind of technology, you need to understand how it operates to make your hair come out smooth and silky. Apparently, you will note that the best blow dryer for natural hair needs to have the capability of generating negative ions which can facilitate faster drying of your hair. This happens in the case where heat is distributed within your hair.

Heat and Speed Settings

These are essential features that will determine how fast and how good your hair will come out after using the best blow dryer. Actually, a blow dryer that applies high-speed controls will always work pretty quickly to get rid of any water from your hair.

Meanwhile, you should ensure that you have applied controls to prevent your hair from getting damaged. Also, you can check the best makeup and accessories reviews.

Removable Filters

Sometimes it might turn out to be a really hard task cleaning the blow dryer if it doesn’t contain these components. Which role do filters play?

Actually, they help the blow dryer to get rid of lint which can build up within. Thus, they highly help to make it easy for cleaning besides ensuring that the life of the motor is improved. Now you know!

Concentrator Attachment

It is always your desire to get the best out of the blow dryer, right?

To improve the efficiency and performance of the machine close to precision, there is a great need to ensure that the concentrate has been integrated. This component helps to the best blow dryer for volume diffusers to perform different attachments on hair, for instance, curly and wavy styling.

Cool Shot Button

There is always a great need to keep the best blow dryer for natural hair in safe storage once you have used it, isn’t it? This is where the cool shot button becomes essential.

It actually ensures that you can perfectly lock your blow dryer once you are done with it. It has been designed in a way that it is flexible and easy to apply on the machine and it is always done in style!


The issue of the weight of a blow dryer is a critical factor (though most of them have a weight that is manageable). This will mostly depend on your taste and preferences about the weight.

Hint? It is clearly evident that the lightweight is much easier to use and handle compared to the heavier ones. Make a choice!

Ceramic Tourmaline Technology

This is another factor that you need to check in the best blow dryer. Actually, this kind of technology is essential in ensuring that your hair remains not only safe but also in good health condition.

After Tourmaline has generated negative ions, it ends up closing the cuticle layer and reduces frizz thus making your hair smooth always.

Long Cable

This is also another thing that you need to put in mind when considering to purchase the best blow dryer for natural hair. You will discover that the longer the cable, the more efficient it will be to use your blow dryer.

A cable highly facilitates the movement of air into the hair thus making it much easier to clean it. Always check on its length!


What type of blow dryer do you require? A portable size? Sturdy appearance? Colorful appearance?

Apparently, different best blow dryers have been created in different shapes and sizes. It is critical to ensure that you have selected the one that gives you maximum satisfaction and achieves the intended purpose. Those are the keynote things to check!

Final Verdict

There are many blow dryers out there in the market, right? They have been designed differently with different features.

However, they cannot satisfy your needfully. This is why there is a great need to make an informed choice. How will you start that process of identifying the best blow dryer for natural hair?

It is pretty simple! First, the above review that I have provided above will give you a clear guideline on what to expect. Once you have gone through features like performance, quality, long-lasting effect and price, you will ultimately arrive at the best choice.

Remember, getting the best blow dryer will give you not only the value for your money but also continuous unending satisfaction. Thus, think critically and get that best blow dryer for yourself!

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