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A waffle maker refers to a utensil that’s used for cooking waffles. It typically consists of 2 hinged metal plates. The plates are molded to create the honeycomb patterns found on the waffles. The iron is then heated, and either dough is a place or batter is poured between the plates that are then closed so as bake the waffle.

Finding a good and homemade waffle recipe is an easy part. However, it’s finding the best waffle maker that might be a whole other story. The best waffle makers come in a very wide range of styles and designs. Some models are perfect for fresh and homemade waffles on a slow morning during weekends. There are also other models that are better suited for cooking in bulk and then freezing the waffles for later use or the standard toaster.

Waffle Maker Buying Guide

With the standard waffle maker, there is no need for going to a restaurant so as to enjoy the mouth-watering waffles. In previous years, the options for the consumer-grade waffle makers used to be severely limited. However, it’s nowadays possible to get a high-quality waffle maker at an extremely low price. There is a wide variety of waffle makers on the market. This makes it necessary to look at the best waffle maker buying guide so as to pick the right one.


Waffle makers usually have a very wide range of uses. With the waffle maker, you can enjoy the delectable aroma waffles. Furthermore, you’re able to enjoy a taste of the freshly cooked waffles by adding the waffle maker to kitchen appliances in your home. The entire people who use a waffle maker are:

  • Chefs
  • Housewives
  • Individuals working in hotels

As it’s the case with many other smaller appliances, there’s a selection of styles, designs and features that are available for waffle makers. There are several options for each budget as well as taste. Sorting through the waffle makers can be a little tricky.

However, you don’t need to worry anymore because the buying guide will help you through the process with a lot of ease. Here is the best waffle maker buying guide:


Size is vital whenever it relates to the waffle makers. While several compact designs and models are available, certain waffle makers are particularly bulky. Before purchasing any waffle maker, one should decide on the amount of room that she will have to spare. Where shall it be stored when it’s not in use? Whether there’s enough room on a shelf or in a cupboard?

Without taking the above points into consideration, you could end up having a waffle maker that’s too large so as to be stored with ease. However, in case your waffle maker is meant to be kept outside at most times, this might not be a significant issue.

Number of Waffles

Large families ought to be wise and invest in the makers who can produce great waffles at once. If not, the process having to make adequate waffles for every person will be quite long. It is important to note that certain large waffle makers usually have grids that produce many waffles at a given time.

They just have required being cut after they have finished cooking. This is one way of producing many waffles at once. As a result, it is vital to consider the best waffle maker buying guide. This will enable you to know the number of waffles required whenever you buy a waffle maker.

Waffle Shape

The shape of the waffle matters to certain people, and it doesn’t matter to others at all. For those who care, it is smart to read a listing closely before buying any waffle maker. The standard waffle makers typically produce square waffles and round waffles. However, but that is hardly all which is available.

There are major waffle makers on the market that are capable of producing triangular waffles, heart-shaped waffles and several other fun shapes. Such waffle makers were particularly popular with the young kids. This is because they are always thrilled whenever they are presented with the uniquely shaped waffles.

Waffle Thickness

When shopping for any waffle makers, the thickness of waffles that the maker produces ought to be considered. Certain people have their preferences whenever it comes to their waffles’ thickness. A waffle maker having an extremely simple grid shall produce extremely thin waffles.

The thin waffles usually tend to be a little crisper. However, that isn’t always the case. The waffle makers who have a high grid shall produce thicker waffles. Based on the temperature which is used, the batter which is used and the time that the waffles are cooked, the thick waffles might be crispy, fluffy or somewhere in between.

Grill Surface

One concern which people mostly have about purchasing and then using makers has to clean up the mess afterward. The old-fashioned waffle makers used to be notoriously difficult for one to clean.

Fortunately, the today’s popular models have the non-stick grill surfaces which make clean-ups quite easy. As an extra bonus, the non-stick surfaces make it very easy to slide waffles out whenever they are always ready. There is usually no need for prying them out of this machine since this could damage them.

Indicator Lights

Using some waffle makers to make waffles, there’s lots of guesswork that’s involved. The waffle makers who don’t have the indicator lights are usually not quite easy to use. Individuals have to always stand around and then watch for signs such as excessive steam so as to determine whether waffles have become ready or whether they are not

It’s much easier when waffle makers have the indicator lights. This light comes on whenever the maker is heated thoroughly, and another light shall come on whenever the waffles are ready. Certain waffle makers will also beep whenever they are prepared or even when the waffles have to be flipped.


The top waffle makers usually have internal thermostats which ensure outstanding results. What it is s even better when it’s an adjustable the thermostat. With adjustable thermostats, a person can dictate how hot a waffle maker gets. Certain individuals prefer soft and light-colored waffles.

Conversely, others prefer crispy and dark-colored waffles. Different kinds of batter at times call for varying temperatures as well. As a result, this feature makes the waffle maker a lot more useful and versatile.

Flip Models

Most persons are familiar with the flip-style type of waffle makers that come from hotel breakfast regions, where they are mostly available. The prices have dramatically dropped for these professional-grade makers thus it is easy to purchase them for usage in the homes as well.

By rotating the simple handle, an individual can flip the waffle 180 degrees while it’s cooking. This ensures cooking, and it also ensures that the batter is distributed evenly.

It is important always to make sure that the flip-style maker seals are shut completely. Otherwise, a recipe may end up everywhere. Thus, the best waffle maker buying guide should give you a clear insight on the flip models.


All of the today’s makers are insulated so as always to ensure that they won’t become hot to touch. However, several used waffle makers are available as well on the market. Some of them might be old, and they might not have this insulation.

It is important to know whether the waffle maker has been insulated or not before buying it. In case it’s not insulated, the oven mitts will have to be used. A lot of people would rather fail to use waffle makers in case they have to put on the mitts more so since many cool-to-the-touch models are available out there.

Drip Trays

As nice as the non-stick surface could be, it usually does nothing by preventing the batter from having to drop out of the waffle maker. Certain waffle makers are commonly marketed as being mess-free or drip-free. However, the reality is a bit different usually.

One way of minimizing the risks of having to end up with the batter splattered all around your kitchen is by buying a maker having the built-in drip tray. Even though the drip trays aren’t always fooling proof, they radically reduce odds of having to create a huge mess while in your kitchen. A good number of the waffle makers usually have this feature.

Top Waffle Makers Which You Should Take A Look At

Best Rated Waffle Makers

Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker (26010)

Chef’s Choice 835 Pizzelle Pro Express Bake

Disney DCM-1 Classic Mickey Waffle Maker, Brushed Stainless Steel

Hamilton Beach 26009 Belgian Style Waffle Baker

Hello Kitty Pancake Maker – Pink (APP-61209)

Best Rated Waffle Iron

Rome’s 1100 Old Fashion Hot Waffle Iron, Cast Iron

NordicWare Aluminum Cast Stovetop 15040 Belgium Waffle Iron

Proctor Silex 26070 Belgian Waffle Baker

Rome’s 1028 Waffle Iron from, Cast Iron

CucinaPro 1452 Belgian 4 Square Waffle Iron

Final Verdict

Depending on the intentions that you have for your waffle maker, they will always be a waffle maker that’s right for you. In case you prefer fresh and thick waffles for the occasional dinner or breakfast, then the Belgian waffle maker sounds is always an excellent choice for you.

However, in case you enjoy cooking in bulk or you are just used to the style and texture of crispy and thin store-bought waffles, then the traditional style waffle makers are most likely the right choice for you.

By being fully aware of all available features in today’s waffle makers and also considering the best waffle maker buying guide, zeroing in on right models is very easy. New as well as used makers are always available in the markets daily.

Modern waffle makers having all the whistles and bells are available as well as the old-fashioned stove-stop waffle makers. No matter what types of waffles an individual wants to make, people ought to be capable of finding the perfect waffle maker that suits their purposes.

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