KitchenAid KPWB100OB Pro Line Waffle Baker, Onyx Black Review

Would you like to avoid the first mistake? Must be its answer will come, “No”. Because nobody wants to fault the first time, for which you are being suffered. Anyway, I begin to write about KitchenAid KPWB100OB Pro Line Waffle Baker, Onyx Black Review where you will get more information out of you known.

Your question, confusion and others will remove; I hope that.

You must hear certainly on the waffle maker. But the KitchenAid KPWB100OB Pro Line Waffle Baker, Onyx Black is one of the best waffle makers. That is absolutely best waffle maker and provides excellent waffle.

KitchenAid KPWB100OB Pro

Trust me! The waffle maker has a baker that produces two 7 1 /2-inch diameter by 1 1 /4 inch thick waffles. Waffles looks at very nice on the whole side, and the waffle makers give double sided or clamshell baking unit flips to provide uniform waffles with super consistency. The KitchenAid KPWB1000B is built by Stainless Steel and Die Cast Metal Construction.

Moreover, to confer a perfect waffle, it is needed constant baking temperature. If plates don’t have, the waffle isn’t prepared with nicely. For that, it contains non-stick waffle plates.

KitchenAid KPWB100OB Pro Line Waffle Baker, Onyx Black Review

Whom is the product designed for?

  • Chef of a restauran
  • A housewife who want to give an amazing recipe for the family
  • Can give brother, sister, friends and others as a gift
  • Can use for impress to anyone

Feature of KitchenAid KPWB100OB Pro Line Waffle Baker, Onyx Black


The waffle maker is very nice and makes a good waffle. It has temperature and even color adjuster which is very needed to make waffle. If you don’t maintain temperature, it will be unsuitable for eating.

May be it goes from 1-6, not only that you can set any number according to your advantageous. You must mind, the temperature is the most important factors. For which, you have to give temperature setting. If this isn’t, the waffle can be burnt.

Additionally, the light never fails to go on when it is time to remove the waffle.

Stainless Steel

Are you confused? There isn’t need to confuse because the Kitchen waffle maker has been built stainless steel and die-cast metal construction. On the stainless portion of the lid, it is quite a bit of steam or strengthening will form.

The KitchenAid KPWB100OB Pro Line Waffle Baker, Onyx Black is basically normal and doesn’t hurt a thing. The base is particularly stable and excellent rubber feet.

With high-quality stainless steel, it is built, and the rotation mechanism is smooth of good balance. For controlling the timer, the controls are simple with an on or off and other three buttons. The power cord is heavy gauge and grounded.

Deep-pocketed Waffles

Before closing lid to cook, you will notice that there are not air pockets. The instruction is also mentioned and won’t be the problem. Yes, deep-pocketed waffles which are the most important for waffles.

That helps to make a deep waffle and looks charming. May be you think if it has a pocket, the air can enter. But that doesn’t happen, there is no air before closing plates. The waffle maker makes to cook waffle on this thing and fast with a good size.

Well-Made machine

The KitchenAid KPWB100OB Pro Line Waffle Baker, Onyx Black is fantastic well built and not too heavy to boost or not too big to store. With the look and taste of your waffles, the Waffle maker is great quality.

The waffle iron is perfect to make waffle and quickly it gives heat. The waffle maker makes a good size Belgium waffle, and these aren’t little waffles. Undoubtedly, the waffle maker is very well designed and is a solid unit like a commercial waffle maker.

To satisfy the pickiest of waffle eaters, the maker is easy to operate and clean.

Clear Instruction

Instruction is the most important for every. If you don’t follow it, significant danger can have happened. If you follow and read instruction, you won’t be any problem while using waffle maker.

You should read the instructions while making the waffles and can completely skip over the part about setting the times. For baking waffles, the KitchenAid KPWB100OB Pro Line Waffle Baker, Onyx Black is the great machine. Disposing of the first batch of waffles, the instruction is recommended, and the iron is perfectly cooked waffles.

On each side, the first waffle is discarded as suggested in the instruction booklet.

Pros & Cons

  • Packaged Securely
  • Provides fresh waffles
  • Heavy-duty commercial grade waffle maker
  • Fluffy and delicious
  • Deep-pocketed waffles
  • Easy to clean
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Sturdy and solid
  • Takes more time
  • Break product

KitchenAid KPWB100OB Pro Line Waffle Baker, Onyx Black Review FAQ’s:


Q: Does this maker take more time?

A: That can be happened according to instruction but not more time.

Q: Is it a broke product?

A: Actually, not but you should keep it carefully.

Q: Are the plates removable for washing?

A: The plates aren’t removable and very easy to clean with a soft brush.

Q: How much does it weight?

A: It is heavy but may be seven or eight pounds.

Q: What is the wattage on this?

A: 1400 watt.

Final Verdict

When you serve for your whole family, they will be impressed with tasty and delicious. You will follow that some people give complain but you should use it then you will understand, how interesting for you.

So, I think you have understood from my KitchenAid KPWB100OB Pro Line Waffle Baker, Onyx Black Review. I have worked hard so that you can get more information and I hope you won’t get an unsuitable idea that can harm you.

My intension isn’t impressed for you. Now you should think then take the decision to buy.

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