Waffle Maker vs. Belgian Waffle Maker

More people love waffles than pancakes. This favorite western food serves its gastronomical purpose without fail. A hungry grown up just plopped a piece of it to stop his stomach growling. He also exercised his culinary creativity by putting sorts of toppings above it. He partnered it with coffee.

In some days, other beverages also suit the waffle best. For hours, waffles satisfy his cravings until the next eating session comes.

Waffle Maker

Many would rather eat restaurant or frozen waffles. Still, there are others who agree that homemade waffles are the best. If time would permit, people would rather make their waffles rather than buy them. The waffle iron that you use will make the difference. There are many available waffle makers out there. There’s the regular waffle maker which makes thin and juicy grids.

Others prefer the thick Belgian waffles. Both of these waffle styles offer great satisfaction. Your choice between regular waffle maker vs. Belgian waffle maker will depend on several features.

These waffle makers are ideal for these persons:

  • Housewives who want to create savory waffles for the whole family.
  • Students who need fast relief for hunger at their dormitories.
  • Youngsters who want to impress the elderly with their cooking skills.
  • Chefs who serve culinary delights through extraordinary waffles.

So what are the features of a great waffle maker?

Waffle Quality

You aim for either crispy or tender waffles. The shape, diameter, and thickness of the waffles are also important. Once it’s cooked, it should be ready to eat. The browning effect also affects quality. Don’t forget the taste.

The grids should also complement whatever toppings you plan to decorate it with. It’s so much better to eat waffles according to your exact preference.

So here it comes, that if you prefer more syrup and feel the taste of blueberry jam, then it’s regular waffle maker, but if you prefer to feel that special taste of those delicious Brussels waffles instead of fillings, the obviously Belgian waffle maker is your choice!

Cooking Controls

You can have the best quality of your favorite waffles if you have better control of its cooking. Many waffle makers have rotational features for even cooking. The more accurate the waffle maker is, the better. Locking the grids must ensure no overflow.

The temperature ranges must be correct to make the preferred waffles. Thick grids also help for better cooking. This is the disadvantage of a regular waffle maker vs. Belgian waffle maker.


The most modern waffle makers have digital displays. This indicates when the waffles are ready.

It also displays the time. There are also other indicators. These indicators include lights telling when the appliance is ready. Lights also tell when the cooking is done. A beeper is also a very helpful indicator. Beepers are more convenient. You don’t always have to gaze on your appliance to know when the waffles are ready.

Both regular waffle makers and Belgian waffle makers have such indicators, so the only matter is which indicator system is more comfortable for you.

Design and Storage

The size of the waffle maker also matters. Most preferred sizes that are small and compact. You can easily store and carry them. The handles should also be heat-resistant. Any discomfort while cooking will take some joy out of the meal.

A waffle maker, with features for upright and cord storage, is also more ideal. Many housewives prefer the classic waffle maker vs. Belgian waffle maker because of its durability. Non-stick features are also essential. But to my mind, Belgian waffle maker can serve you for a long time as well. In this criteria regular waffle makers vs. Belgian waffle makers only you can make the right choice to satisfy your whimsy.


Aside from heat resistant handles, an ideal waffle maker would not eliminate safety guidelines. At home, when kids want to try on their kitchen skills by making waffles, safety is of utmost importance. Old-fashioned iron waffle pans have heat-proof handles but the body is not heat-resistant. Most of the modern waffle makers come with a steel exterior.

Manufacturers add a ceramic coating to ensure the exterior feels no heat. The safety from a regular waffle maker vs. Belgian waffle maker is almost the same. Both regular waffle makers and Belgian waffle makers are safe in use for adults and kids, but only if you keep all instructions of terms of use.


Waffle makers must be able to withstand the demand of waffle-weekdays and weekends. After undergoing several cooking, the waffles should still stay perfect as the first.

Also, even with the simplest waffle mix, the outcome should still be pretty gorgeous. There are waffle makers who do well during the first months. After several usage, the quality decreases. Read several reviews of the waffle maker before you buy them. As one of master chefs of the world Hector Hines Bravo says, there can’t be any bad waffle made using even old Belgian waffle maker, only if you cooked it with the wrong receipt.

That’s only one reason, why to prefer Belgian waffle maker to regular waffle maker.

Clean up

What a cook looks for from his equipment are those that are easy to clean. A no-drip waffle maker is more ideal than those with insecure locks.

Removable plates also make clean up a lot easier. Also, a waffle removal grade of A is convenient. You want the whole waffle in your mouth, not in your pan.

A non-stick interior also makes cleaning easy. A simple wipe will do. Regular waffle makers, as well as Belgian waffle makers, are very easy to clean, so it’s not a problem at all.


Either you’re deciding between American waffle maker vs. Belgian waffle maker; the price is a big deal. You might think it as only a very simple heating pan. Prices of waffle makers depend on the number of features that you want to avail. These features will make your cooking more convenient and satisfying.

You would rather pay additional dollars for an appliance that fits your needs and would stay longer.

Are you ready to pay couple extra dollars for tasting incredible waffles? The thing to choose of is how you prefer your waffles with more syrup or with more waffles. Comparing prices for regular waffle makers vs. Belgian waffle makers, you can find out that they are almost similar.


What’s great with some of the new waffle makers available in the market is the capability to cook other food aside from waffles. There are regular waffle makers who can also make Panini or merely toasted bread. This makes your waffle maker a dual cooking utility. This will give you another choice if cooking waffles become more and more regular.

But you can find this functionality as well in regular waffle makers as in Belgian waffle makers. Any of your idea with a right receipt can be done in both versions of waffle makers.

Warranty and Support

The longer the warranty, the better. Most waffle makers have one year warranty. At the most, three years is the most extended warranty and service. Manuals and instructional videos are also helpful.

These features are important for the proper use and maintenance of the appliance. Communication with the manufacturer is another bonus feature that waffle owners look for. There should be available customer support by phone or email.

This factor depends only on the producer of your waffle maker, no matter if it is a regular waffle maker or Belgian waffle maker.

Final Verdict

Both the regular waffle maker and the Belgian waffle maker can become your next kitchen star. The regular waffle maker provides thin, crisp waffles with tender, not sloppy contents. The Belgian produces thicker waffles more ideal for sorts of toppings you like.

Discretion is important in choosing which one. The features included here may not be present in one product. But, there will always be the most versatile and conducive product waiting for you to buy. Once you got it, enjoy your meal!

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